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  • RCS Model Bearing Set for CUSTOM WORKS RC GBX3 BG810

    The RCS Model Bearing Set for Custom Works RC GBX3 BG810 is a top-quality bearing set designed to provide smooth and efficient operation for your GBX3 model. This set includes all of the bearings needed to replace the worn or damaged bearings in your vehicle. Made from high-quality materials, these bearings are designed to withstand the rigors of RC racing and provide long-lasting performance. The set includes both shielded and sealed bearings to provide the best combination of protection and performance. The shielded bearings are ideal for high-speed applications, while the sealed bearings provide added protection against dirt and debris. With this bearing set, you can be sure that your GBX3 will perform at its best and provide you with hours of racing fun. RCS Model Bearing Set for CUSTOM WORKS RC GBX3 BG810. This is 100% Brand new item and we can ship this item to worldwide.

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