• Pristine condition refers to original packaging with ALL accessories included.
  • Customers may return items to the warehouse for refund of the product cost if they are dissatisfied under our No Fuss Returns policy. This must be done within 30 days from the date of receipt, and the item must be in pristine condition.
  • We will pay for the shipping cost of resending items, while buyers are responsible for the postal cost of returning the items.
  • If the original packaging has been opened, only 80% of the product price may be refunded to cover any repackaging, quality check (QC) inspection, and verification costs.
  • RCECHO.com Service Centers don’t accept crashes, damaged parts of the items due to misuse, and items that have been modified.
  • RCECHO.com does not accept items returned or for warranty, if the damaged or faulty items occurred during actual use of a vehicle itself or during actual use in a vehicle, due to crashes, rough handling, or other misuses, if they have not undergone a complete “pre-flight” check first and/or if they have been modified or altered in any way that voids the warranty.
  • The warranty period is effective from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated on the product listing webpage itself. There is no warranty at all available for Scratch & Dent items.
  • RCECHO does not supply courier pick-up slips or return shipping labels. RCECHO may compensate for return shipping of warranty items with a store credit, in select cases only. RCECHO will not compensate for the return shipping of No Fuss Return items.
  • Photos and/or videos are required for Initial Evaluation for all warranty-type claims.
  • All types of batteries that are deemed Faulty are NOT required to be returned to the warehouse. Requested photos and/or videos are required to justify the fault of these items.
  • Any returns to the warehouse sent by customers can take up to 7-10 business days, excluding weekends, to inspect and process the Received Return before we proceed to Settlement status.
  • Replacement parts most often will be requested directly from the manufacturer and not taken from warehouse stock. Customers need to allow some time for this type of resolution to occur.
  • If RCECHO cannot provide the replacement parts or replacement item, and/or the customer must return the product in full. It is at that time ONLY that they are eligible to receive a money refund.

Prevailing Language:
The Policy shall be prepared and executed in English and if translated into a language other than English for any purpose, the English version shall in all events prevail and be paramount in the event of any differences, questions, or disputes concerning the meaning, form, validity, or interpretation of the Policy.

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