If you are a RC Individual Racer, Team, Event Organizer and seeking a sponsor, do contact rcMart now! Please include the following information and e-mail to info@rcecho.com

– Subject : RCECHO Sponsorship Application
– Name
– Type of Sponsorship (RC Individual Racer/Team/ Event)
– Type of RC (Drift, Touring, Crawler, Shortcourse, etc.)
– Name the RC stores or organizations, etc. (If any) that is/are currently sponsoring you
– Your Facebook Page, Website, etc.
– Prizes you won or any other previous achievements
– Any information, photos or stuff that you think can convince us to approve your sponsorship

We do receive lots of sponsorship applications every day and we need to assess each application case by case, therefore it would take us some time to process your sponsorship application which may take up to 1-4 weeks. Please note that we may not be able to contact all the applicants one by one, if we haven’t contacted you after your application in a few weeks, you may consider the application to be unsuccessful.

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